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installation tableau numérique

Transform your classrooms and meeting rooms

Interactive digital whiteboards have revolutionized the way we teach, learn and collaborate. At Espritek, we understand the importance of creating modern, interactive and stimulating learning and working environments. Our professional digital whiteboard installation service allows you to leverage the power of technology for more immersive collaboration, more dynamic presentation and more active participation. Transform your classrooms and meeting rooms with our innovative solutions.

The main features of our service

Needs assessment

We start by evaluating your specific needs based on the environment in which the digital whiteboard will be used. Whether for a classroom, meeting room or training space, we take into account room dimensions, technical requirements, budget constraints and desired features to advise you on the best solution.

Number board selection

We help you choose the right digital board for your needs. We work with reputable vendors to bring you high-quality products, offering advanced features such as touch sensitivity, wireless connectivity, handwriting recognition, and compatibility with education and collaboration software.

Professional installation

Our experienced team ensures precise and careful installation of the digital board. We ensure that the board is properly fixed and aligned, and that all cables and connections are correctly installed. We ensure that the digital board is integrated harmoniously into the existing environment.


We configure the digital board according to your preferences and provide you with comprehensive training on its use. We show you how to interact with the board, use the different features, create and share content, and integrate other tools and devices for the best learning and collaboration experience.

The key benefits

  • Interaction and engagement

  • Wealth of content and resources

  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • Remote collaboration

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