parking management system

système de gestion de parking

Optimize the efficiency and management of your car park

Espritek offers a professional parking management system installation service to help you optimize the efficiency, security and management of your parking lot. Our expertise in the field allows us to implement advanced solutions that allow you to efficiently manage vehicle flows, collect valuable data and provide a smooth user experience. Whether you have a public car park, a company car park or a residential car park, our team is ready to assist you in setting up a parking management system adapted to your specific needs.

The main features of our service

Parking space counting and guidance system

We are implementing a parking space counting and guidance system that allows drivers to quickly find an available space. Using smart sensors and dynamic traffic signs, users are guided to vacant spots, reducing time to find a spot and improving driver satisfaction.

Reservation and prepayment system

We are installing an online reservation system that allows users to reserve their parking space in advance. This makes it easier to plan trips and guarantees drivers an available parking space when they arrive. In addition, we are implementing a prepayment system to simplify the payment process and avoid delays when leaving the car park.

Subscription and plan management system

We can integrate you with a management system for subscriptions and packages for regular users. This makes it possible to offer preferential rates, simplify subscription management and build customer loyalty. Subscriptions can be centrally managed, providing full visibility into users, subscription periods and associated payments.

Integration of license plate recognition technology

We can integrate automatic license plate recognition systems for more efficient management of vehicle entry and exit. This enables automatic access control, accurate data collection and real-time tracking of vehicle movements.

The key benefits

  • Optimization of parking occupancy

  • Improved customer experience

  • Simplified management of subscriptions and packages

  • Collection of valuable data

  • Security hardening

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