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Keep your facility safe

At Espritek, we offer a professional access control system installation service to secure your business and protect your assets. Whether you need to restrict access to certain sensitive areas, manage the entry and exit of personnel or reinforce the overall security of your premises, our experienced team is here to provide you with reliable and effective access control solutions. .

The main features of our service

Needs assessment and system design

We start with a thorough assessment of your access control needs. We take into account the size of your company, the structure of the premises, sensitive areas and the specific requirements of your sector. Based on this assessment, we design a bespoke system that meets your security needs.

Professional installation of access control equipment

Our qualified technicians ensure the precise and reliable installation of access control equipment, such as card readers, electromagnetic locks, access control barriers and biometric recognition systems. We ensure that all equipment is installed in accordance with safety and operating standards.

Integration with existing systems

We integrate the access control system with your existing systems, such as human resource management systems, CCTV systems and alarm systems. This allows you to centralize security management and simplify access control processes.

System configuration and customization

We configure the access control system according to your specific preferences and requirements. This includes creating access profiles for different users, defining specific access rules for each area, programming access times and setting authorization levels.

The key benefits

  • Enhanced security

  • Simplified access management

  • Traceability and reports

  • Flexibility and scalability

  • Integration with other security systems

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