Electronic labels

étiquette électronique

Simplify price management in your store

In a world where digitalization and automation play an increasing role, our service for installing electronic labels in stores offers an innovative solution to optimize the management of prices and product information. With our expertise and advanced technology, we help you move from traditional paper labels to modern and dynamic electronic labels. This allows you to benefit from many advantages, such as instant price updates, simplified management and an improved shopping experience for your customers.

The main features of our service

Analysis and advice

We start by assessing your specific electronic labeling needs. We consider the size and layout of your store, the products you sell, and the features you want. Depending on these elements, we advise you on the best electronic labeling solution adapted to your environment.

Professional installation

Our qualified team ensures the careful installation of electronic labels in your store. We ensure that the labels are correctly positioned and securely attached. We also ensure that the labels are seamlessly integrated with your existing price management system.

Configuration and synchronization

After the physical installation of the labels, we proceed to their configuration and synchronization with your centralized system. This allows product information, prices and promotions to be updated efficiently and in real time.

Centralized management

Electronic labels can be managed centrally from a dedicated computer system. This allows you to easily control and update product information on all labels across your store, ensuring data consistency.

Update speed

With electronic labels, you can update prices and product information instantly. This allows you to react quickly to price changes, promotions or product updates, providing a smooth and up-to-date shopping experience for your customers.

The key benefits

  • Saving time and efficiency

  • Flexibility and responsiveness

  • Accuracy and consistency

  • Improved customer experience

  • Cost reduction

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