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Our data erasure service offers a comprehensive and secure solution to erasing all sensitive data from your storage devices. Whether you want to get rid of your existing IT infrastructure or prepare devices for new use.

Erasure of data is an essential step to ensure privacy protection and to prevent leakage of sensitive information. Our team of experts uses the advanced technology of Blancco Drive Eraser , a reliable and proven solution, to guarantee the complete deletion of data on all types of storage media, such as hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, and more. Moreover.

The main features of our service

Initial assessment

We assess your specific needs and determine the type of storage devices involved, as well as the volume of data to be erased. This allows us to efficiently plan the erasure process and provide a personalized quote.

Material preparation

We prepare storage devices for erasure, ensuring they are properly connected and ready for processing.

Secure Erase

Using Blancco Drive Eraser, we apply advanced deletion algorithms that write repeatedly and randomly to each sector of the storage device. This method ensures that all previous data is overwritten permanently and unrecoverably.

Certification and reports

At the end of the erasure process, we provide certificates of data destruction, attesting that the data has been erased securely and in accordance with industry standards. Detailed reports can also be generated, providing full traceability of the erasure process.

The key benefits

  • Data security

  • Compliance with security and privacy standards

  • Cost savings

  • Time saving and efficiency

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