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Stay connected and productive anywhere

In an increasingly mobile world, the provision of smartphones becomes essential for companies wishing to remain competitive and productive. At Espritek, we offer a smartphone staffing service that allows you to provide your employees with powerful communication devices adapted to their professional needs. With this solution, you can ensure constant connectivity and access to essential tools, enabling collaboration and productivity wherever your teams are.

The main features of our service

Advice and selection of suitable smartphones

We start by advising you on the most suitable smartphones for your specific needs. We take into account your requirements in terms of functionality, performance, security and compatibility with your professional applications. Whether you need Android or iOS smartphones, we help you choose the devices that best meet your expectations.

Provisioning and configuration

We take care of the supply of smartphones, ensuring that we provide you with quality devices, from reputable brands. We also support initial smartphone setup, installing necessary apps, configuring security settings, and synchronizing email and calendar accounts.

Integration of professional tools

We make it easy to integrate your business tools on smartphones, such as apps for messaging, collaboration, task management, and access to corporate resources. We ensure that smartphones are fully functional and compatible with your work environment.

Management of security policies and access rights

We help you set up security policies adapted to the use of smartphones in business. This includes implementing data protection measures, managing access rights to applications and resources, and setting up locks and encryptions to keep business information confidential.

The key benefits

  • Permanent connectivity

  • Improved productivity

  • Flexibility and mobility

  • Enhanced security

  • Simplified management

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