Park moving

déménagement de parc informatique

Facilitate your move of IT equipment

Moving IT assets can be a major challenge for any business. It requires careful planning, precise coordination and technical expertise to ensure the continuity of your operations. At Espritek, we understand the challenges associated with such a move and are here to help. Our professional IT asset relocation service offers you a complete and reliable solution, guaranteeing a smooth transition of your IT infrastructure to your new location.

The main features of our service

Strategic planning

Our experienced team works with you to develop a detailed move plan that considers all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including servers, network equipment, workstations, storage systems, and more. We take into account time constraints, security requirements and logistical considerations to ensure a smooth transition.

Safe uninstallation and packaging

We take care of the uninstallation of your computer equipment, ensuring that each component is handled with care and safety. We use proper packaging techniques to protect your equipment during transport, minimizing the risk of damage.

Professional transport

We have a team of specialist transporters who ensure that your IT equipment is transported safely to your new location. We use vehicles equipped to transport sensitive equipment, ensuring their protection during the journey.

Setup and setup

Once there, our team of experts installs and configures your IT equipment in your new environment. We ensure that all cabling, network connections and configuration settings are done correctly, minimizing downtime and ensuring your business resumes quickly.

Tests and checks

Before finalizing the move, we perform extensive testing to verify that all systems are working properly in your new location. We make sure your data is accessible, network connections are established and all equipment is operational.

The key benefits

  • A hassle-free move

  • Risk reduction

  • A smooth transition

  • Saving time and efficiency

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