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In an increasingly connected world, providing reliable and fast Internet access is essential for businesses. At Espritek, we offer a hotspot installation service that allows you to extend your wireless connectivity and provide quality internet access to your employees, customers and visitors. Thanks to our expertise, we design, install and configure high-performance Wi-Fi networks, meeting the specific needs of your business.

The main features of our service

Network analysis and planning

We start by carrying out a thorough analysis of your environment, taking into account the size of your space, the layout of the premises and any obstacles. Based on this information, we design an optimal deployment plan to strategically place the Wi-Fi hotspots and ensure complete and homogeneous coverage.

Professional installation of Wi-Fi hotspots

Our experienced team carries out the physical installation of the Wi-Fi hotspots, respecting the best practices in the industry. We ensure that the terminals are correctly positioned, firmly fixed and supplied with adequate electricity. The installation is carried out in a discreet and aesthetic way, taking into account the visual aspect of your space.

Network configuration and optimization

We configure the hotspots according to your specific needs, taking into account capacity, security, quality of service (QoS) and other essential parameters. We also optimize channels and frequencies to minimize interference and maximize Wi-Fi network performance.

Tests and checks

After hotspots are installed and configured, we perform extensive testing to verify connectivity, connection speed and network stability. We make sure hotspots are working properly throughout your space, identifying and fixing any coverage or performance issues.

The key benefits

  • Efficient wireless connection

  • Optimal coverage

  • Enhanced security

  • Centralized management

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