IRVE terminals

Diversify your offer with the installation of IRVE terminals

The electrification of transport is a major challenge for our society, and charging stations for electric vehicles play an essential role in this transition towards more sustainable mobility. Our IRVE (Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure) installation service offers you a complete and reliable solution to meet the charging needs of your customers, your employees or your community. Whether you are a company, a community or a public establishment, we are here to support you in the installation and configuration of charging stations adapted to your specific needs.

The main features of our service

Analyse of needs

We start by understanding your electric vehicle charging needs. Whether for a company car park, a shopping centre, a hotel or a service station, we assess your requirements in terms of charging capacity, number of charging points, power requirements and connectivity.

Material selection

Depending on your needs and the available infrastructure, we advise you on the choice of suitable equipment. We work with reputable suppliers, offering high-performance, secure charging stations compatible with industry standards.

Professional installation

Our qualified team ensures the professional installation of the charging stations, respecting the safety standards and the regulations in force. We take into account the electrical aspects, the cable management, the optimal positioning of the terminals and the implementation of the necessary infrastructures.

Configuration and settings

Once the terminals are installed, we proceed to configure and configure them according to your preferences. We help you define charging options, such as charging power, connector type, payment terms and access management.

The key benefits

  • Customer expansion

  • Sustainability and Responsibility

  • Attractiveness and image

  • Ease of use

  • Reduction of carbon emissions

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