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Espritek offers a professional installation and configuration service for electronic ticketing to simplify and optimize the management of events within your company. Whether you are organizing concerts, conferences, festivals or any other type of event, our experienced team sets up reliable and efficient electronic ticketing systems. With our expertise, you can provide your customers with a seamless ticket buying experience, while making it easier to manage admissions and gaining more granular control over sales and data.

The main features of our service

Selection of the appropriate ticketing solution

We advise and help you choose the best electronic ticketing solution according to your specific needs. We evaluate the different platforms available on the market and select the one that best meets your requirements in terms of functionality, customization capabilities and user-friendliness.

Installation of hardware and software

We install the necessary equipment, such as ticketing terminals, barcode scanners and ticket printers. In addition, we configure the ticketing software on your systems, ensuring that everything is properly connected and ready to use.

Ticketing customization

We personalize electronic ticketing according to your visual identity and your specific needs. This includes creating attractive ticket templates, adding your logo and information, and customizing messaging and sales options.

Integration of payment methods

We integrate secure payment methods into your electronic ticketing system. This allows your customers to buy tickets online using different payment methods, such as credit cards, e-wallets or bank transfers.

Access control and ticket validation

We set up an access control system to scan and validate electronic tickets at the entrance to your events. This helps to streamline entries, reduce waiting times and ensure accurate tracking of the number of participants.

The key benefits

  • Ease of use and purchase for your customers

  • Effective sales and data management

  • Cost reduction

  • Increased security and fight against fraud

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