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At Espritek, we understand the importance of recruiting the right talent for your specific needs. Our consulting service acts as an intermediary between your company and professionals, whether they are on CDD, CDI or freelance . We make every effort to help you find the most qualified and competent profile to meet your expectations and guarantee your success.

Our methodology

Job analysis

Our team of dedicated consultants works closely with you to understand your specific recruitment needs. We analyze in detail the skills, qualifications and characteristics required for the position to be filled.

Search for candidates

We use our extensive network and advanced search tools to identify potential candidates who match your ideal profile. We make a rigorous selection by evaluating their skills, their experience and their cultural fit with your company

In-depth assessment

We conduct a thorough assessment of shortlisted candidates, using various methods such as individual interviews, technical tests and behavioral assessments. This step allows us to check the relevance of the skills, the motivation and the overall fit of the candidates with your company.

Presentation of candidates

We present to you a limited selection of the most qualified candidates who are best suited to your company. We provide you with detailed information about their skills, experience and credentials, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Applicant Tracking

We provide continuous monitoring of candidates throughout the recruitment process, maintaining open and transparent communication with them. We are also available to answer their questions, guide them and support them throughout their integration into your company.

Follow-up after hiring

Once the candidate has been chosen and integrated into your company, our consulting service provides regular follow-up to assess their performance and long-term satisfaction. We are committed to maintaining a lasting relationship with you and providing you with ongoing support when needed.

The key benefits

  • Recruitment expertise

  • Time saving

  • Access to a wide area network

  • In-depth assessment

  • Personalized follow-up

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